August 10 2020

‘BIG 10’ Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Life Sciences

The brigade of scientific breakthroughs and new technologies is relentless and it keeps throwing challenges. Analyzing the astronomical amounts of data being generated through R&D can potentially re-conceptualize the way we perceive life sciences. Artificial Intelligence has stepped in to navigate u

August 9 2020

Digital Learning and Its Benefits to Researchers

Digital learning is the most sought after method for learning new things and to update yourself in this fast-paced environment. Digital learning is an ideal platform for the researchers to keep abreast with updates in the publishing and scholarly industry. It has numerous advantages, including flexi

August 7 2020

The Company of Biologists Commits to the Transformative Journal Approach

Cambridge, UK: The Company of Biologists has offered Open Access publishing options since 2004 and two of its five journals are already fully Open Access. The Transformative Journal strategy signals more clearly the journals’ commitment to move towards full Open Access, while a transition period all

August 6 2020

How to Become a Peer Reviewer: Doing Your Share for the Research Community

The peer review processPeer review modelsTips on evaluating each sectionDrafting a review ReportPeer review is one of the most critical processes in scholarly publishing allowing detailed evaluation of a research study by experts in the same field. Serving as a peer reviewer does not only signifies

August 3 2020

Why Scientists, Not Investors, Should Drive Technological Progress

Whether it’s the car you drive, the computer you’re reading this article on, or the vaccine that kept your child from getting measles this year, one thing is clear—science has been our pillar of strength. Scientific research has always been the cornerstone of the modern world and solves real-world p

July 31 2020

The Top Six Guidelines for Reporting Medical Research

In scientific and medical research, transparency and accuracy are vital. They boost the usability, reliability and impact of research findings. High quality reporting is paramount owing to its direct impact on human health. Moreover, researchers, clinicians and public health professionals need to be

July 29 2020

Want to Get Your Research Published Faster? Here’s What NOT to Do!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, new research is being published more quickly than ever before. Getting new research results out there as soon as possible has clear benefits. Important discoveries can be shared with researchers and the general public around the world; at its best, this will aid efforts

July 27 2020

Getting Indexed in International Citation Databases

Scholarly collaborationWhy should authors cite?Citation indexingCitation databasesCitations—often termed as intellectual transactions, acknowledgment of intellectual debts, and conceptual association—are a link between the author’s current study and previously published work. Citation data is consid

July 25 2020

Maintaining Research Productivity Amid Global Pandemic

Current scholarly publishing scenarioTips to sustain your researchMaintaining ethical standardsCOVID-19 Rapid Review InitiativeRegister NowAdd To CalendarEnago is glad to announce its next webinar in collaboration with Hindawi—one of the world’s largest publishers of open access and peer-reviewed jo

July 24 2020

Introduction to Academic Publishing and Research Methods in Humanities

Academic publishing processesManuscript preparation and submissionTypes of research methods in humanities Insights on Digital HumanitiesRegister NowAdd To CalendarWe are pleased to announce that Enago in collaboration with Management Center Innsbruck will be conducting a combined session to guide re

July 23 2020

How A Mentor Can Be the Wizard To A Researcher’s Success

Have you ever had a mentor? Alternatively, have you ever been a mentor to others? Perhaps you are hoping to find a mentor? Whatever your chosen path, a mentor could help you to find academic and career success.The Role of a MentorSo what is a mentor? The role varies but always involves support. The

July 22 2020

Medical Researchers—Can Your Research Survive During the Pandemic?

The current COVID-19 pandemic is in the spotlight. Funding cuts due to COVID-19 has affected medical research areas such as cancer, dementia and cardiovascular diseases. Clinical trials have been put on hold and trained medical staff have been reallocated either to care for COVID-19 patients or assi

July 21 2020

Mastering the Art of Creating Successful Grant Proposals

Types of research fundingTypes of research fundersPlanning for a research proposalWriting a research proposalThe ability to attain funding is a real necessity and a valuable skill for a career in academia. A well-crafted grant proposal helps researchers to secure financial resources through several

July 20 2020

Does Self-Retraction Affect a Researcher’s Career?

That sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize the cell lines you have been working on were not the ones you thought. You discovered there was a labeling error. The conclusions of your experiments, which you published in a paper, are incorrect. You realize the ramifications: you have unintent

July 19 2020

Essential Considerations While Concluding Your Research Study

Conducting a research study is no easy task. A lot of time and effort is involved in carrying out a successful research project. After all the hard work that you have put into your research, you cannot afford to falter at the last moment. This checklist is exactly what you need to ensure that you ha

July 17 2020

How Can Researchers Work Towards Equal Authorship

In the past, authorship lacked a clear set of guidelines and sometimes excluded individuals who had contributed to a paper. The hierarchy of first author, second author, and contributor status was dominant, but also exclusionary. Today, however, the trend is moving toward equal authorship. This is w

July 15 2020

Guide to Publishing in Top-Tier Medical Journals

Publishing in MedicineICMJE Recommended GuidelinesPreparing and Evaluating Case ReportsResearch EthicsTheory-practice-theory as advised by Georges Bordage, should be followed by every researcher to ensure the translation of research outcomes into practical implementation benefiting mankind. Enago co

July 14 2020

Introduction to Review Articles: Writing Systematic and Narrative Reviews

Types of literature reviewsTips for writing review articlesRole of meta-analysisReporting guidelinesWatch NowAdd To CalendarReview articles significantly contribute to the progress of science by coherently presenting the existing findings on a research topic. Enago in collaboration with Annual Revie

July 11 2020

Trinka vs. Leading Grammar Checker Tools

In 2020, there is no shortage of online grammar checkers for general English but rarely does one find a tool that focuses on academic English writing, technical terminology, scientific convention, and publication readiness related aspects.Each time the researchers use online tools to make their writ

July 10 2020

Scientific Illustrations: A Complete Guide for Researchers

As a researcher, writing reports and articles is a big part of your job. Academics and scientists everywhere spend the majority of their time either doing research or writing about it. However, there is one aspect of reports and articles that we don’t think about very often, and that is scientific i

July 9 2020

Tips to Present Your Scientific Poster Effectively

This article focuses on the prerequisites and tips on developing a poster/e-poster. Traditionally, scientific posters have been presented as a combination of information and graphics in print paper format. With the onset of digital technology, options such as the QR (Quick Response) code and interac

July 8 2020

5 Important Tips When Moving to an Industry Career

Completed your PhD, what next? Confused between an academic job or an industry job? It is essential to have a novel approach as you embark on a career journey. No matter what position you’re trying to transition into, there are some key points to keep in mind. We bring you tips to quell the dilemma

July 6 2020

A Crash Course on Biostatistics | Introduction

Commonly used Statistical SoftwaresPopulation and samplingTypes of GraphsSurvival AnalysisBiological data is flooded with factors such as uncertainty, variation, and selection bias. Biostatistics is the application of statistics to such complex scientific data enabling researchers to efficiently des