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December 12 2019

Why Confidentiality is Crucial in Grant Proposals

Science is expensive. Materials, equipment, lab costs and staffing all add up. While businesses might be able to fund all their own research, this is almost never true for the academic institutions. Instead, many researchers have had to spend a lot of time seeking out grant funding.Government agenci

December 11 2019

The 3-Step Strategy To Boost Citations Using Traditional & Novel Methods!

In this episode of Enago Academy’s podcast, we cover one of the most relevant topics to the international researcher community. What have we covered? – Citation Metrics and the importance of citing original research – Pre- and post-publication methods of research promotion – Effective use of profess

December 9 2019

How to Effectively Handle the Challenges of a Ph.D. Program

A Ph.D. is a postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities to a candidate who has performed extensive research in a field of study. The program typically takes between four to six years. In addition to original research, completion of the program has many other requirements, including:A thoro

December 6 2019

Beating Stage Fright: How to Confidently Present like a Pro

Giving presentations is part of the job for academics and researchers. But let’s be honest- many people who work in these fields prefer the quiet company of a few lab partners over the spotlight of the stage. When it’s time to stand in front of an audience and talk about your work, you may be one of

December 4 2019

Should Grant Funding be Awarded Through a “Lucky Draw”?

Yes, you understood correctly…a lottery system to award grant funding to academic researchers. Any academic researcher is aware of the competitive nature of grant funding. However, traditionally one was awarded grant funding after proving that you are a reputable scientist and the best candidate for

December 2 2019

Did You Make it to the Highly Cited Researchers List for 2019?

Every year, the Web of Science Group, a Clarivate Analytics company, releases its Highly Cited Researchers list. Web of Science is the world’s largest publisher-neutral citation index. It aims to organize the world’s research information to help push research forwards. Clarivate Analytics also issue

November 30 2019

Is Self-Retraction Bad for a Researcher’s Career?

That sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize the cell lines you have been working on were not the ones you thought. You discovered there was a labeling error. The conclusions of your experiments, which you published in a paper, are incorrect. You realize the ramifications: you have unintent

November 29 2019

How to Master the Art of Publishing in Social Sciences and Humanities

Research in Humanities & Social SciencesPublishing in HumanitiesChoosing the Right JournalDigital HumanitiesThis online session will focus on describing the publication journey of a researcher from Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), starting from ideating the research topic to successful journal

November 28 2019

Thanksgiving Day – Top 10 Scientists Whose Inventions We Are Thankful For!

Thanksgiving Day is around the corner. This tradition was first celebrated in 1621 by the English pilgrims to the American continent who thanked God for the abundant harvest in the preceding year. In recent times, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of November since 186

November 27 2019

Top Tips to Effectively Manage Your Time and Resources in the Laboratory

Research life is busy. There is always something new to learn and discover. Furthermore, your projects are reliant on funding; you can only get funding if you have a research plan. You need to deliver on your promises to get further funding. It is, therefore, imperative to work effectively. Proper t

November 22 2019

Self-plagiarism: How Much is Too Much?

Most researchers would say that plagiarism is never acceptable. They would probably also agree that some types of plagiarism are more serious than others. For example, complete plagiarism is where someone takes a project or paper created by someone else and presents it as their own. This is consider

November 20 2019

A Guide to Academic Book Writing and Publishing

Types of academic booksHow to write a compelling academic bookHow to publish an edited volumeTips for authors to promote their booksWatch NowDo you wish to compile your research work into a book? Do you know the standard guidelines for writing a book chapter? For increased impact and recognition as

November 20 2019

Consider Publishing in Taylor & Francis Journals – Here’s Why

If you’re going to publish your research, you should aim to publish in a reputable journal. Researchers trust these journals because they publish accurate and high quality research. They ensure their publications go through rigorous quality control, something we all know as “peer review”. This, and

November 19 2019


在日益复杂、相互关联的全球科学生态系统中,开放科学旨在利用数字技术、网络协作和工具,增加知识的透明度和可获取性。研究者需将开放性原则应用到科研中的每一个阶段,以向开放科学迈进一步,从而提高学术研究的开放性、诚信、协作性和可重复性。本次在线讲座将详细讲述开放科学的概念及开放获取、开放数据等方面;同时还将强调科研人员如何通过共享其所有研究成果、资源、方法或工具等,推进开放科学运动。本课程帮助研究人员习得以下重要信息:开放科学概述与重要性开放获取意识开放数据共享的意义了解开放存储库系统中自存储的重要性关于开放同行评审和开放许可开源与开放教育资源概述关于cOAlition S和 S计划关于报告人:吕铭

November 18 2019



November 17 2019

논문 제출시 맞닥뜨리는 어려움과 성공적인 논문 제출 팁!

Watch Now 연구원들이 저널 가이드라인을 준수하면서 논문 작성을 잘 준비할 수는 있어도 최종 제출과정에서 저널이 요구하는 사항을 모두 충족하지 못할 수 있습니다. 이번 웹세미나에서는 저자들이 저널 투고 시 거절로 갈 수 있는 놓치기 쉬운 단계를 알려드리고 출판윤리의 중요성에 대해서도 논의해 보겠습니다. 저자들이 겪고 있는 딜레마와 저널 투고 전 생기는 궁금증을 다뤄볼 예정입니다. 또한, 저널이 표절을 어떻게 발견하는지 출판 기사를 연구원이 어떻게 재이용하는지와 저자들이 염려하는 저작권에 대해서 자세히 다뤄볼 예정입니다. 이 웹

November 17 2019

The 7 Mistakes I Made When Trying to Publish in a Wiley Journal

My research paper finally got accepted by a Wiley journal! This calls for a celebration. I needed to publish my research for my PhD, and it was important to me – and my university – that the journal had a high impact factor. If I could get my research published in a high quality journal, I would hav

November 16 2019

Digital Strategies to Find the Right Journal for Publishing Your Research

Journal SelectionThink. Check. Submit.Digital Tools to Identify the JournalTools to Identify Journal RankingWatch Now This session will provide an overview of digital tools and initiatives that help researchers select the right journal for their manuscript to ensure the best chance of article accept

November 16 2019

My Mentor; My Wizard To Success

Have you ever had a mentor? Alternatively, have you ever been a mentor to others? Perhaps you are hoping to find a mentor? Whatever your chosen path, a mentor could help you to find academic and career success.The Role of a MentorSo what is a mentor? The role varies but always involves support. The

November 15 2019

Chasing the P-Value: Statistical Significance and the Perils of P-Hacking

In the world of research, we learn about the importance of statistical significance. The p-value (the p stands for “probability”) is crucial. Usually, a p-value of less than 0.05 is considered significant. The smaller the value, the more significant the results.You can also listen to this article as

November 13 2019

Guide to Publishing in Top-Tier Medical Journals

Publishing in MedicineICMJE Recommended GuidelinesPreparing and Evaluating Case ReportsResearch EthicsWatch NowTheory-practice-theory as advised by Georges Bordage, should be followed by every researcher to ensure the translation of research outcomes into practical implementation benefiting mankind.