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January 16 2020

Can Reviewer Comments Have a Negative Impact on STEM?

As a young researcher, in my first postdoc job, every article I published meant a big deal. As every researcher knows, just getting the article ready takes a lot of time and effort. If one of my papers got as far as peer review, I would wait anxiously for the outcome. I would read all the peer revie

January 13 2020

The Importance of Editing and Proofreading before Manuscript Submission

I know it is frustrating to receive negative feedback on your manuscript. However, your supervisor is right about how the grammatical errors hurt your writing. Therefore, you need to improve your editing and proofreading skills. If this is not done, these errors can have a severe negative impact on

January 10 2020

How to Write a Thorough Peer Review Report

As a peer reviewer, your job is to uphold the quality of published science by ensuring that academic papers are accurate and clearly articulated. Young scientists eager to publish their hard work will appreciate the quality feedback to help them improve their manuscript. Therefore, to be a good peer

January 9 2020

How to Assess the Quality of Journals

Authors wishing to publish their research aim to publish in journals with the highest ratings. Publishing in a prestigious journal not only looks good on your CV, but may also give you better career and funding opportunities. Researchers commonly use the journal impact factor (JIF) to assess overall

January 8 2020

How to Avoid Plagiarism and Ensure Reproducibility

Research and Publication EthicsAvoiding Ethical DilemmasDrafting Plagiarism-free ManuscriptsEthical GuidelinesThis FREE webinar will help the attendees enhance their understanding of the ethical issues surrounding research and publishing.Watch Now After this session, you will have more information o

January 6 2020

Publishing in Medicine—Tips to Avoid Common Pitfalls

A strong basis: Know your literatureA robust study designHigh-quality statisticsHandling peer review professionallyRegister NowResearchers very often make mistakes that obstruct them in achieving their publication goals. Especially, in Medicine and Health Sciences, participation in research is imper

January 6 2020

9 Practical Tips to Be A Better Academic Writer

Many graduate students are often concerned that academic writing is too difficult. This concern, however, can be eased. There are many tips a student can learn in order to become a better academic writer. This includes understanding how the writing process can help develop the necessary writing skil

January 3 2020

Predatory Publishing– A Danger to Open Access Publishing!

In today’s episode of Enago Academy’s podcast, we cover the common menace of predatory publishing that is often faced by researchers and everything around it.What have we covered?Overview of the journal selection processOpen access & routes in OA publishingPredatory publishing & its effect on resear

January 2 2020

6 Simple Ways to Handle a Q&A Session at a Conference

Conference presentations offer an ideal forum to share your work with other researchers and receive feedback. They can take many forms, including short or full papers, round-table or panel discussions, workshops, and poster presentations. Regardless of the format, it is critical to prepare for a Q&A

January 1 2020

How to Master the Art of Publishing in Social Sciences and Humanities

Research in Humanities & Social SciencesPublishing in HumanitiesChoosing the Right JournalDigital HumanitiesWatch Now This online session will focus on describing the publication journey of a researcher from Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), starting from ideating the research topic to successfu

December 27 2019

How to Improve Your Academic Writing Using Language Corpora

No matter how brilliant a researcher you are, you must be able to write about your research effectively to have any impact on the scientific world. Unfortunately for most of us, research and writing are two very different skills. Even the most talented researchers may struggle when it comes to writi

December 26 2019

Thinking about a Ph.D? Here are 10 Things You Need to Know

A Ph.D. is an academic or professional degree that shows an individual has completed advanced studies in a specialized field. Earning a Ph.D. is a noteworthy achievement and also a challenging task.Completing a Ph.D. involves a lot of requirements which includes:A literature reviewConducting origina

December 25 2019

5 Quick Tips for Dealing With Information Overload

While advances in technology over the past several decades’ have made it easier than ever to stay up to date in a particular field, the constant flood of information has also made it more difficult for researchers to stay focused. “Information overload” is when you are faced with too much informatio

December 24 2019

Bioethics: Addressing Social and Ethical Issues in Medicine and Science

Bioethics and bioethical principlesPolicy-making and upholdingEthical issues in life sciences researchResources for bioethics information Medicine practitioners and scientists continuously work at the crossroads of ethical dilemmas, targeting to strike the right balance between the advancement of sc

December 20 2019

Has the Scientific World Truly Opened Itself to Open Access?

Open Science is the rational choice to promote openness, integrity, collaboration, and reproducibility in scholarly research. Open Access (OA) supports transparency and free availability of research articles. But has the research community across disciplines and around the globe been entirely able t

December 19 2019

Why Confidentiality is Crucial in Grant Proposals

Science is expensive. Materials, equipment, lab costs and staffing all add up. While businesses might be able to fund all their own research, this is almost never true for the academic institutions. Instead, many researchers have had to spend a lot of time seeking out grant funding.Government agenci

December 18 2019

Digital Strategies to Find the Right Journal for Publishing Your Research

This checklist will assist researchers in identifying digital tools and initiatives to select the right journal for their manuscript thereby ensuring the best chance of article acceptance. Publishing research in international peer-reviewed journals is essential for every researcher. Choosing the rig

December 17 2019

Mastering the Art of Creating Successful Grant Proposals

Types of research fundingTypes of research fundersPlanning for a research proposalWriting a research proposalThe ability to attain funding is a real necessity and a valuable skill for a career in academia. Many private and public funding organizations support research in the interest of the advancem

December 11 2019

The 3-Step Strategy To Boost Citations Using Traditional & Novel Methods!

In this episode of Enago Academy’s podcast, we cover one of the most relevant topics to the international researcher community. What have we covered? – Citation Metrics and the importance of citing original research – Pre- and post-publication methods of research promotion – Effective use of profess

December 9 2019

How to Effectively Handle the Challenges of a Ph.D. Program

A Ph.D. is a postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities to a candidate who has performed extensive research in a field of study. The program typically takes between four to six years. In addition to original research, completion of the program has many other requirements, including:A thoro

December 6 2019

Beating Stage Fright: How to Confidently Present like a Pro

Giving presentations is part of the job for academics and researchers. But let’s be honest- many people who work in these fields prefer the quiet company of a few lab partners over the spotlight of the stage. When it’s time to stand in front of an audience and talk about your work, you may be one of

December 4 2019

Should Grant Funding be Awarded Through a “Lucky Draw”?

Yes, you understood correctly…a lottery system to award grant funding to academic researchers. Any academic researcher is aware of the competitive nature of grant funding. However, traditionally one was awarded grant funding after proving that you are a reputable scientist and the best candidate for

December 2 2019

Did You Make it to the Highly Cited Researchers List for 2019?

Every year, the Web of Science Group, a Clarivate Analytics company, releases its Highly Cited Researchers list. Web of Science is the world’s largest publisher-neutral citation index. It aims to organize the world’s research information to help push research forwards. Clarivate Analytics also issue

November 30 2019

Is Self-Retraction Bad for a Researcher’s Career?

That sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize the cell lines you have been working on were not the ones you thought. You discovered there was a labeling error. The conclusions of your experiments, which you published in a paper, are incorrect. You realize the ramifications: you have unintent