July 10 2020

Scientific Illustrations: A Complete Guide for Researchers

As a researcher, writing reports and articles is a big part of your job. Academics and scientists everywhere spend the majority of their time either doing research or writing about it. However, there is one aspect of reports and articles that we don’t think about very often, and that is scientific i

July 3 2020

Why Are Preprints Essential During a Global Pandemic?

Laboratories are closed. Researchers are stuck at home. Funding is in doubt. All research work has stopped.As with all other parts of life, the current global pandemic has greatly affected science and academia. While some research, in some countries, is able to continue—including, crucially, into CO

July 1 2020

All You Need to Know About Creative Commons Licenses

The development of technology has led to the widespread sharing of ideas including intellectual and creative work/s. It enables us to share, build, or create something new. Every author or creator needs to be acknowledged and attributed. However, this is not the case always. There are numerous insta

June 30 2020

A Guide to Understanding Basic Concepts in Bioinformatics

Applications of BioinformaticsBiological DatabasesBioinformatics ToolsComputational BiologyMolecular and Life Science research involves massive biological data that needs to be stored and processed using software tools. Bioinformatics, an interdisciplinary field supporting scientific research with t

June 26 2020

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings Organize Online Science Days 2020

It’s been months since the lockdown. Initially it had been hard for us to cope, with everything being shut down for an indefinite period. But as we all know the show must go on! Science may have slowed down but will never come to a halt. Probably this is the message the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

June 25 2020

A Global Survey Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on the Research Ecosystem

The implications of COVID-19 in academia have been far-reaching. While the impediments are substantial and unprecedented, it is critical to assess the impact of this global health crisis, forecast the challenges, and plan well ahead of time.We are extremely excited to announce the launch of the firs

June 24 2020

Considerations While Writing Your PhD Thesis

Writing a doctoral thesis is a tedious and time-consuming task. The enormity of the task might result in you missing out or overlooking essential things. A doctoral thesis is something that you write after several years of hard work in the lab. It is not a manuscript, rather it is a collection of wo

June 18 2020

Safe Clinical Research Guidelines During a Pandemic

The current coronavirus pandemic required a swift response from authorities in an effort to manage the spread of the virus. Lockdown in many countries was enforced quickly to try and slow the spread of the Coronavirus, including restrictions to healthcare facilities. Safety for everyone was the firs

June 16 2020

Why Are Registered Reports Important for Medical Research

As we know, publishing is integral to research and to the career of a scientist. It is the goal of the scientific community to disseminate important and innovative research. Despite the known importance of this work, there are still some issues in scientific publishing, including publication bias. T

June 15 2020

How to Effectively Promote Your Research

Research PromotionSocial Media & Research PromotionResearch-sharing ForumsRole of Online RepositoriesYou have successfully published your research. Great! But does that mean it was communicated well and impacted the global research community? Researchers need to ensure that their study reaches the r

June 13 2020

Are Female Researchers Facing More Challenges During a Pandemic?

How are you coping with lockdown during this pandemic? Like many people, I have had good days and bad days. Compared to many others, I have been lucky. I am well, I still have a job and I have a comfortable place to spend the lockdown.Recently, during a Zoom catch-up, I asked some of my colleagues –

June 11 2020

Noun Stacks: Why You Should Avoid it in Scientific Writing

When we write, we want to be understood. Good writing should be clear and concise. The reader should not be left struggling to understand what they have just read. This is especially important in science, where writers often use many complex terms.Researchers and scientists should try to avoid using

June 10 2020

Top Tips on Effective Time and Resource Management in the Laboratory

Research life is busy. There is always something new to learn and discover. Furthermore, your projects are reliant on funding; you can only get funding if you have a research plan. You need to deliver on your promises to get further funding. It is, therefore, imperative to work effectively. Proper t

June 7 2020

Here’s How You Can Identify Errors in Your Research Data

Imagine you are a young, keen PhD student. Deep in the research for your thesis, you decide to take a break by browsing the latest news in your field. That’s when you spot a story on article topic similar to your own research: the paper has been retracted by the journal due to scientific misconduct.

June 4 2020

Digital Classrooms: The Future of Education

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives rapidly, and perhaps one of the biggest examples has been the shift to digital classrooms. Students and teachers who began their semesters eagerly at school have suddenly found themselves isolated and forced to utilize remote online learning. Furthermore,

June 2 2020

Do You Want to Effectively Promote Your Published Research?

Research promotion is absolutely essential in today’s age if your aim is to make an impact in your field. Given the enormity of research that is published on a daily basis, merely publishing your work is not enough. You need to actively promote it amongst your network to ensure that others working i

June 1 2020

The Perils of Predatory Publishing and What to Look out For

Overview of predatory publishingIdentifying predatory publishers/journalsBest Practices to avoid predatory journalsDealing with predatory publishers/journalsHave you recently received an unsolicited email inviting you to publish in a new exciting journal? Do you suspect the email could be from a pot

May 30 2020

Artificial Intelligence – A New Team Member in Scholarly Publishing

Is there a place for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in scholarly publishing? What if it could streamline literature searches or help us to understand a journal article? There are so many publications that it is no wonder that researchers often struggle with information overflow. Moreover, academic pub

May 28 2020

Sustainable Research Infrastructures? What are They?

Are you a researcher? If you are, research infrastructures are probably essential to your career – whether you realise it or not. Basically, research infrastructures are the services, facilities and resources used during research. Research infrastructures can be both physical and digital. This can i

May 25 2020

Get your Research Patented Now!

A patent is a form of intellectual property, which gives its owner the right to prevent other researchers from making, selling, using, and importing an invention for a specific period, usually twenty years. Any new and novel research that has not been in use so far and has utility in the market can

May 24 2020

How to Survive Peer Review in Social Sciences and Humanities

Difference in HSS and STEM Peer ReviewPeer Review ModelsResponding to Reviewer’s CommentsTips to Handle Manuscript RejectionsPeer review is a critical step in the publication cycle ensuring the quality and the integrity of the literature. Researchers are often intrigued to know what happens after th