March 30 2020

How to Avoid Run-on Sentences in Academic Writing

When writing a paper, are you more focused on ideas or writing style? For most people, the focus is on the ideas they discuss. As a result, one thing that might get lost while writing is the importance of punctuation and sentence structure.In academic writing, it is important to develop your writing

March 26 2020

How is Academia Coping With COVID-19 Crisis?

#StayHome #StaySafe! Currently, these hashtags have been trending all over social media. In fact, this is how everyone is greeting each other amidst the COVID-19 crisis and very aptly so.So, how are you coping with this sudden crisis and the indefinite lockdown? In our previous article, we shared a

March 25 2020

Top 10 Industry Careers for PhD Graduates

I recently completed my PhD in Molecular Biology. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my project and the laboratory environment, I knew academia was not for me. I could not picture myself supervising students and applying for grants, however, I enjoy doing research. For most PhD graduates who do dream abo

March 24 2020

Stuck Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis? Enago Academy is Here to Help!

With the sudden lockdown all across the world due to the Coronavirus crisis, many have had to stay back at home to combat the spread of the outbreak. Several schools, universities, and workplaces have been closed down as a precautionary measure globally. Although some are coping well with the remote

March 21 2020

How to Deal with Academic Isolation

Research is a rewarding endeavor, but is not without its hardships. One of the biggest problems that researchers deal with is academic isolation. Academic isolation is the feeling of being cut off from social network, friends, and family. There are various factors that contribute to academic isolati

March 20 2020

Ethical Considerations in Scholarly Publishing

Ethical GuidelinesMost Common Ethical ViolationsResearch IntegrityAvoiding Ethical DilemmasRegister Now High-quality research goes hand in hand with responsible ethical conduct. Taylor & Francis group joins forces with Enago to promote transparency in research through this insightful webinar which w

March 20 2020

Fundamentals of Writing Scientific and Medical Research Papers

Moving ahead in our series of webinars planned exclusively for medicine researchers, Enago conducted an insightful session in collaboration with the Future Science Group. The objective of this session is to guide medicine practitioners and researchers to draft an error-free manuscript ready for subm

March 20 2020

Goodbye Impact Factor – Welcome TOP Factor!

In the highly competitive science race, journal impact factors (based on citations) are often used as indicators of journal rank and therefore, scientific excellence. However, this research metric has been manipulated and abused by authors, journal editors, and publishers who artificially boost cita

March 16 2020

How Will the New Chinese STM Policy Reduce Publishing Burden on Researchers?

China is quickly becoming a scientific research powerhouse. Chinese research, and researchers, are more prominent worldwide than ever before. One reason for this is that Chinese researchers are publishing more papers every year. According to a recent study, China produces 13.8% of all published arti

March 13 2020

A Researcher’s Guide to Making the Most of Academic Conferences

Academics know the importance of attending conferences as part of their career. Conferences provide valuable opportunities for networking, sharing research, and learning about new developments. However, until now, conferences have not had clear guidelines surrounding publishing practices. Academic j

March 12 2020

How to Get Indexed in International Citation Databases

Citations—often termed as intellectual transactions, acknowledgment of intellectual debts, and conceptual association—are a link between the author’s current study and already published work. It not only provides credibility to the author’s work but also helps funders evaluate the impact of the rese

March 11 2020

How to Use Online Citation Generators to Generate IEEE Citations?

We all have the goal of creating exciting and original research. But even the most revolutionary research is built on previous work. When publishing your research findings, it is critical to cite the work you referenced accurately and fully. This, in turn, assists others in understanding your proces

March 9 2020

Essential Checklist for Researchers About to Conclude their Study

Manuscript drafting is one of most important stages of the publication journey. However, this doesn’t mark the end of the journey. After the manuscript is drafted, there are a few crucial stages of the publication journey. Research is a long process and several researchers, especially early career r

March 9 2020

All About ICMJE that Medical Journal Editors Should Know

Medical research is crucial; we realize that even more so in this time of crisis of the Coronavirus attack. However, the authenticity of the research is equally important, especially when it is medical science research that we are talking about. In fact, there’s a small group of medical journal edit

March 7 2020

Important Tips for Writing an Effective Conference Abstract

Academic conferences are an important part of graduate work. They offer researchers an opportunity to present their work and network with other researchers. So, how does a researcher get invited to present their work at an academic conference? The first step is to write and submit an abstract of you

March 5 2020

Useful Boolean Operators for Article Searches

Does your article search return thousands of articles, many irrelevant to your research? To increase their visibility and readership, journals index their publications on indexing databases. The indexing service acts as a database of journal articles and supplies other useful information such as jou

March 4 2020

A Guide to Understanding Basic Concepts in Bioinformatics

Applications of BioinformaticsBiological DatabasesBioinformatics ToolsComputational BiologyAre you interested in knowing about the recent developments in the cutting-edge Bioinformatics discipline? Do you wish to learn more about practical tools for organizing and analyzing large volumes of your bio

March 1 2020

Do Female Scientists Face Gender Disparity While Setting up Labs?

I still remember getting the notice that my first grant had been approved. Years of blood, sweat, and tears had finally paid off— I was going to launch my very own lab. While I had a fairly impressive resume by the time I finished my PhD, I had been nervous about winning grant funding. I was familia

February 28 2020

10 Common Statistical Errors to Avoid When Writing Your Manuscript

Research, reproducibility and reliability. These three words are key when it comes to good science. As scientists, we strive to prove that our results are significantly different. My colleague often wished for a “Journal of Negative Results”, one which published the experiments that didn’t work. Thi

February 26 2020

How to Survive Peer Review in Social Sciences and Humanities

Difference in HSS and STEM Peer ReviewPeer Review ModelsResponding to Reviewer’s CommentsTips to Handle Manuscript RejectionsAre you intrigued to know what happens after successfully submitting your article or book manuscript? This webinar will give an insight into the complete peer review process f

February 25 2020

How to Get the Most from Your Research Collaboration

The right collaborations can make or break a research project. Making and developing collaborations is a skill that most researchers must learn early in their career. These days, more and more collaborations are international. Though some early career researchers might be tempted to choose collabora

February 24 2020

Academic Competition Fueling Citation Manipulation

In academia, your reputation as a scientist depends on the quality and quantity of your publications as well as the number of citations. Citations give recognition to the scientist who discovered a finding and was the first to publish it. Therefore, the number of researchers who cite your work in th

February 20 2020

Expert’s Take: Highlighting Existing Inequities in Open Science

This year’s Open Access Week is a welcome opportunity for me to share a few thoughts on the highlights of inequities in Open Science on Enago Academy.Quo Vadis Bibliodiversity?Over the past 20 years, all stakeholders (researchers, authors, reviewers, funders, librarians, publishers, aggregators) in