About Us

Over the last 10 years, Enago has helped disseminate knowledge about manuscript preparation, submission, and publication to numerous first-time and experienced researchers from countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, and China. In our endeavor to reach out to ESL authors across geographies, we have collaborated with several publishers, scientific societies, and universities. We now intend to further increase this association through the specialized channel of Enago Academy.

Under Enago Academy, we offer comprehensive and up-to-date resources for researchers, publishers, editors, and students to learn and share their experience about research and publishing. By collaborating with industry experts on a common platform, we intend to make Enago Academy a forum for active discussion and knowledge sharing. Based on our experience of helping international researchers eliminate language barriers, we wish to create newer avenues by which ideas and challenges can be communicated to a global audience.

Adapting to every researcher’s unique requirements, we will create innovative services to help them achieve their goal of publishing. Our Author Workshops are an example of how we have helped multiple researchers from ESL countries gain knowledge about how they can publish manuscripts in high impact factor journals as well as increase their awareness of the publishing industry.

What We Do

Enago Academy intends to meet the following objectives:


Guide Researchers/Authors

  • To learn more about each stage of the publication cycle
  • To be aware about the trending topics in the research and publishing industry
  • To have first-hand access to industry stalwarts


Help Journals/Publishers

  • Focus on the needs of ESL authors/researchers
  • Realize the challenges faced by authors/researchers
  • Increase information sharing and awareness of the overall industry


Collaborate with Universities/ Academic Institutions

  • By conducting author workshops for first-time authors/researchers
  • By improving the quality of publication from universities by training experienced authors to publish in high impact factor journals
  • By increasing awareness of the scholarly publishing industry among graduate students

The Enago Academy team is here to help you to do all this, and more! Please contact us at academy@enago.com