July 19 2020

Essential Considerations While Concluding Your Research Study

Conducting a research study is no easy task. A lot of time and effort is involved in carrying out a successful research project. After all the hard work that you have put into your research, you cannot afford to falter at the last moment. This checklist is exactly what you need to ensure that you ha

June 24 2020

Considerations While Writing Your PhD Thesis

Writing a doctoral thesis is a tedious and time-consuming task. The enormity of the task might result in you missing out or overlooking essential things. A doctoral thesis is something that you write after several years of hard work in the lab. It is not a manuscript, rather it is a collection of wo

June 2 2020

Do You Want to Effectively Promote Your Published Research?

Research promotion is absolutely essential in today’s age if your aim is to make an impact in your field. Given the enormity of research that is published on a daily basis, merely publishing your work is not enough. You need to actively promote it amongst your network to ensure that others working i

May 25 2020

Get your Research Patented Now!

A patent is a form of intellectual property, which gives its owner the right to prevent other researchers from making, selling, using, and importing an invention for a specific period, usually twenty years. Any new and novel research that has not been in use so far and has utility in the market can

May 8 2020

All About Research Design and Preliminary Data Collection Methods

Undertaking a research project is a huge responsibility. It requires the researcher not only to identify a research problem but also design a study to arrive at a significant solution to the research problem. There are numerous methods one can approach the research study. However, it is essential to

December 18 2019

Digital Strategies to Find the Right Journal for Publishing Your Research

This checklist will assist researchers in identifying digital tools and initiatives to select the right journal for their manuscript thereby ensuring the best chance of article acceptance. Publishing research in international peer-reviewed journals is essential for every researcher. Choosing the rig

May 23 2019

Drafting Successful Grant Applications

Securing grants or having funds to carry out your work is the first requirement of any research project. The process of securing grants is a very competitive, lengthy and challenging process, irrespective of which part of the world you belong to. In order to secure a grant over other competitors, yo

May 22 2019

Essential Things to do While Conducting Your Study

Conducting a study can be a taxing time for researchers. Researchers often need to multitask and handle other responsibilities along with their work in the lab. This can sometimes lead to overlooking certain aspects of your research work that might significantly impact your research if not rectified

May 21 2019

Essential Things to do Before Starting Your Research Study

Conducting a research study is an enormous task. It requires a lot of pre-planning and considerations. A thorough literature review needs to be carried out and a detailed plan of work needs to be made to ensure everything runs smoothly. Overlooking of small details can have an impactful outcome and

May 20 2019

Successful Publishing in High Impact Journals

Merely publishing your article in a scientific journal is not enough. You need to publish it in a journal that has a great impact in your field and is not a predatory journal. Publishing in a high-impact journal does not happen overnight, and there are several factors that determine your rate of suc

May 15 2019

Quantitative Research Simplified

Quantitative research has a structured approach, it analyzes the data to define the relationship between the variables. It uses computational, statistical, and mathematical tools to develop results. Surveys and experiments are the most commonly used methods for collecting data in quantitative resear

May 13 2019

Research Ethics Compliance

Science and research have made tremendous progress in the last century. Unfortunately, some of the studies conducted earlier were not governed by ethical norms and have caused significant loss and pain to the society, including humans and animals alike. With the advent of the publishing industry and

May 10 2019

Decoding Qualitative Research

This checklist provides the researcher with an understanding of qualitative research. It helps the researcher through a qualitative research process by providing reminders or pointers for the research study. Qualitative research is explorative research, it seeks a detailed understanding of a phenome

February 25 2019

Selecting a Good Research Topic

A lot of thought, time, and effort goes into selecting the right research topic. Selecting a good research topic is the first step towards carrying out a successful and impactful research study. A good research topic can help you attract funding and also help you to successfully publish in a prestig