Language and Grammar Rules for Academic Writing

Language and Grammar are essential in academic writing. An appropriately written paper helps authors effectively communicate their work to their readers and peers. Manuscripts also face rejection if they are poorly written. Therefore, it is essential for authors, especially non-native English speakers to familiarize themselves with basic language and grammar rules that need to be followed. This e-book aims to give our readers a list of basic considerations pertaining to various language and grammar rules that need to be followed while drafting academic manuscripts. Additionally, you can use Trinka, an AI-powered writing tool that makes language enhancements and performs grammar checks. It also gives tips on language and grammar rules for effective academic writing and makes you a better writer.

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Here’s what you can expect from ‘Language and Grammar Rules for Academic Writing’.

  • Importance of Correct Usage of Language and Grammar
  • Use of Punctuation Marks
  • Language and Grammar Errors to Avoid