September 21 2020

Trust in Peer Review: From the Eyes of Authors, Reviewers & Editors (Part 1)

Peer review is one of the most crucial processes in research publishing. Different sections of the academic community view it from different perspectives. Authors see it as the major checkpoint in their journey of manuscript acceptance and consequent publishing. On the other hand, publishers conside

September 10 2020

Top 10 Journals to Publish Your Negative Results

Failure is the stepping stone to success. Most technological advancements have stemmed from initial failures. Even well-executed experiments with a clear hypothesis produce inconclusive or negative results. However, the research community has become quite accustomed to celebrating only positive find

September 10 2020

How to Write a Persuasive Academic Book Proposal

Elements of a book proposalHow to find the right publisherProposal Submission guidelinesOpen access book publishing Enago in collaboration with IntechOpen, the world’s leading publisher of Open Access books conducted an informative webinar to provide authors with the necessary guidelines for draftin

September 4 2020

A Guide to Academic Book Writing and Publishing

Types of academic booksHow to write a compelling academic bookHow to publish an edited volumeTips for authors to promote their books‘Publish or Perish’ is a popular axiom in the scholarly community. For increased impact and recognition as knowledge experts, researchers often consider writing a book

September 3 2020

Join Enago in Celebrating Peer Review Week 2020!

Enago, a global leader in editing and publication support services, is thrilled to participate and propel dynamic innovations in the sixth edition of the much-awaited global event—Peer Review Week (PRW) 2020—that will take place this year during September 21–25. Each year, PRW provides a single unif

September 2 2020

Driving Open Science in the Modern Age: An Interview with Hindawi

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised many questions in the academic community, especially when it comes to sharing and disseminating research knowledge globally. This crisis has made researchers, editors, funders, and publishers realize even more the importance of open science. A number of collaborative

September 1 2020

Restarting Clinical Trials: The Way Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic has “paused” many clinical trials. Moreover, it also delayed potential medical treatment for many diseases. There was a substantial shift in resources such as healthcare facilities and staff, to help COVID-19 patients. Eventually, with “stay-at-home” restrictions, trials in-pro

August 30 2020

Why Are Virtual Labs Crucial for the “New Normal”?

Ever since the pandemic struck the world early this year, we have had to switch to the digital mode. Digital learning has made it into our houses to save the day while social distancing. While companies allowed professionals to work from home, researchers and academics chose virtual laboratories as

August 29 2020

Publishing in Medicine—Tips to Avoid Common Pitfalls

A strong basis: Know your literatureA robust study designHigh-quality statisticsHandling peer review professionallyPublishing in Medicine and Health Sciences is imperative for continued medical and scientific advancements. It helps medical practitioners to evaluate their practice objectively, apprai

August 25 2020

Top 10 Tips for Writing an Outstanding Personal Statement

A personal statement is one of the most important parts of your Ph.D. or graduate school application. What is a personal statement? A personal statement tells the admissions board, why they should select you as a student in their program. A strong personal statement can make your application stand o

August 23 2020

How Should Researchers Read Papers During the Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every industry, around the world. The academic publishing industry is no exception. Whether it is dealing with the sudden change in research priorities, or the influx of COVID-focused articles, publishers have been forced to adapt – and fast.The pandemic has

August 17 2020

The Complete Guide to Study Designs (Part 1: 10 Important Terminologies)

Study designs are of utmost importance in research. Right from ideation to testing the hypothesis, researchers need to plan and develop a strategy that aptly fits their experimental goals. Although scheming a study is an exciting process, it is often challenging as well. Many factors such as financi

August 13 2020

How to Master the Art of Publishing in Social Sciences and Humanities

Research in Humanities & Social SciencesPublishing in HumanitiesChoosing the Right JournalDigital HumanitiesSocial Sciences and Humanities are human-centric disciplines that study relationships and interactions within a cultural, economic, social, and political environment. Publications in high-impa

August 10 2020

‘BIG 10’ Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Life Sciences

The brigade of scientific breakthroughs and new technologies is relentless and it keeps throwing challenges. Analyzing the astronomical amounts of data being generated through R&D can potentially re-conceptualize the way we perceive life sciences. Artificial Intelligence has stepped in to navigate u

August 9 2020

Digital Learning and Its Benefits to Researchers

Digital learning is the most sought after method for learning new things and to update yourself in this fast-paced environment. Digital learning is an ideal platform for the researchers to keep abreast with updates in the publishing and scholarly industry. It has numerous advantages, including flexi

August 7 2020

The Company of Biologists Commits to the Transformative Journal Approach

Cambridge, UK: The Company of Biologists has offered Open Access publishing options since 2004 and two of its five journals are already fully Open Access. The Transformative Journal strategy signals more clearly the journals’ commitment to move towards full Open Access, while a transition period all

August 6 2020

How to Become a Peer Reviewer: Doing Your Share for the Research Community

The peer review processPeer review modelsTips on evaluating each sectionDrafting a review ReportPeer review is one of the most critical processes in scholarly publishing allowing detailed evaluation of a research study by experts in the same field. Serving as a peer reviewer does not only signifies

August 3 2020

Why Scientists, Not Investors, Should Drive Technological Progress

Whether it’s the car you drive, the computer you’re reading this article on, or the vaccine that kept your child from getting measles this year, one thing is clear—science has been our pillar of strength. Scientific research has always been the cornerstone of the modern world and solves real-world p