A Crash Course on Biostatistics | Introduction

  • Commonly used Statistical Softwares
  • Population and sampling
  • Types of Graphs
  • Survival Analysis

Biological data is flooded with factors such as uncertainty, variation, and selection bias. Biostatistics is the application of statistics to such complex scientific data enabling researchers to efficiently design protocols, conduct experiments, analyze, and report significant data. Enago conducted a three-part series providing insights about the assumptions, strengths, and weaknesses of different statistical tools and software that will help in achieving precise interpretation of the scientific data. The first part of the series is a foundation course that will help the attendees have a basic understanding of biostatistics, its relevance, and its application to scientific data.

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Researchers will have a better understanding of the following:

  • Importance of using accurate statistical methods
  • Commonly used statistical software
  • Types of data
  • Types of charts
  • Frequency distribution
  • Summary statistics


Prof. Traci Marin, Ph.D.

  • Prof. Traci Marin is a published author and has worked for more than a decade in the dynamic fields of bioinformatics, biostatistics and molecular biology research.
  • Prof. Marin has worked as an academic, researcher as well as a doctoral programs director at several renowned universities.
  • She pursued her PhD and MSc degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the prestigious University of California. She also holds a Masters degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from Loma Linda University.
  • She is also a recipient of several awards such as Young Investigator Award (Loma Linda University), Magna Cum Laude (University of California) and President’s Award (Loma Linda University).

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