Bioethics: Addressing Social and Ethical Issues in Medicine and Science

  • Bioethics and bioethical principles
  • Policy-making and upholding
  • Ethical issues in life sciences research
  • Resources for bioethics information

Medicine practitioners and scientists continuously work at the crossroads of ethical dilemmas, targeting to strike the right balance between the advancement of science and technology and their responsibility towards society. NIEHS has a special program, The Bioethics Program, that provides annual training in conducting research and sponsoring workshops and seminars. It also helps focussing groups on ethical issues in environmental health research.The ethical issues are constantly soaring with the newer developments in life sciences, biotechnology, medicine, and their increasing co-relation with politics, law, and philosophy disciplines. This is gravely concerning for researchers as even a minor violation of the ethical principles can have detrimental consequences. This webinar aims to aid researchers in broadening the scope of their ethical evaluation and simultaneously analyzing the morality of their actions that may result in both, benefiting or harming the society.

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Through this session, researchers will have increased understanding about:

  • Bioethics and bioethical principles
  • Organizations involved in policy-making and upholding of the bioethical principles
  • Major ethical issues in life sciences research
  • Major ethical issues faced by healthcare providers
  • Useful resources for finding bioethics information