January 24 2019

4 Reasons You Should Organize a Scientific Conference or Workshop

Researchers often become so focused on lab work and publishing that they often tend to forget the other important aspect of a successful career—professional networking! One way to get out of your lab and meet new colleagues is by organizing a conference or workshop. Conferences are usually larger ev

May 2 2018

5 Steps to Drive Public Engagement with Your Research Article

After you’ve spent months and maybe even years on your academic research and now finally have it published, what’s next? Will the general public read and understand your research? Will the article sit on someone’s shelf and collect dust or will it actually spark interest from the general public? Aft

January 26 2018

13 Popular YouTube Channels for Smart Researchers!

A growing sensation, streamed educational programs are quickly finding their place among students, professionals, researchers, and teachers. Science e-learning has grown by nearly 900% over the last 20 years with almost 1 billion people taking advantage of all that online learning and training has t

January 22 2018

Promote Your Research with These 7 Simple Techniques!

There is a lot of published research data now available and this makes it harder for your target audience to find your academic research. Promoting your research has therefore become very important.Stand Out From the CrowdTo help you stand out from the crowd, you should have an ORCID profile. This w

June 27 2017

Using Social Media to Effectively Promote Your Research

Using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, ORCID, ResearchGate, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Mendeley, can be an excellent way to promote your research and share it with a wider audience. Social media channels may also help you to access up-to-date information in your field, stay in contact wi

April 5 2017

Going Beyond Citations: Using Altmetrics to Measure Research Impact

Measuring the impact of a research publication is critical to every researcher’s career. The assessment of scientific publications is increasingly critical to scholarly communication and the methods of assessing research impact have changed drastically in the last 20 years. Just as digital publishin

February 8 2017

Are Scientists Using Social Media Effectively?

The onset of the “social media” revolution was recognized about 15 years ago when Friendster was created as a means by which people with similar interests could interact online. This prompted other social networking sites such as LinkedIn that was created in 2003 and geared more toward the business

January 21 2017

Can Twitter Raise Your Research Profile?

In the past decade, the usage of the term “social media” seems to have increased greatly. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn represent one way in which people can interact online to build various types of relationships. There is a set of academic researchers who are staunch advocates for

June 29 2016

How to Promote My Research

Although scientists are generally willing to publish their research, they are often hesitant about promoting it. The attitude seems to be to let the publication do most of the talking and let word of mouth from fellow researchers do the rest. Researchers with a reputation of being “shameless self-pr

April 1 2016

Tips for Chairing a Plenary Session at Academic Conferences

What is a Plenary Session?You’ve been invited to chair the plenary session at an academic conference. It is scheduled to take place at the top of the conference agenda, and will be a discussion of general issues, featuring prominent leaders in their respective fields of study (although they can also

March 21 2016

Where Will the Next Great Research Breakthroughs Come From?

Whether your benchmark for “solitary genius” is Shakespeare, Austen, Newton, Goodall, Darwin, Einstein, Franklin, Picasso, or Da Vinci, there is a certain romanticism to the notion of the world benefiting from the solitary toil of passionate individuals committed to a goal. Credit for their work oft

November 13 2015

How to Find a Research Collaborator

It’s a Lot Like DatingYou may not need to resort to Match.com or eHarmony.com, but the process of finding a collaborator for your research study can be just as nerve racking.But to begin with, there’s no need to change your hairstyle, lose weight, or embellish details about your life. For the search

September 16 2015

Tips to Ensure That Your Paper Gets Noticed

Although publication of an academic paper, for which you have been slaving over for weeks, months, or even years, is a significant accomplishment, ensuring that your paper gets noticed by the broader community is much more difficult. Only when your study gets proper attention, it will be cited by ot

August 25 2015

Should You Use Twitter to Promote Your Research?

The Power of a TweetWhen the online social networking service called Twitter was launched in March 2006, there was some skepticism about the value of a 140-character message called a tweet.Less than 10 years later, Twitter has 288 million monthly users and is valued at over $30 billion, which presum

March 25 2015

How Do I Explain My Academic Work to All Audiences?

Academics are constantly asked to explain their research to colleagues, at conferences, in interviews, sometimes even to our grandmothers! Of course, being able to give a highly technical and detailed account of your project is necessary when you are discussing work with colleagues. But most people,

February 18 2015

How to Engage Your Audience During Live Presentations

Public speaking is a huge part of academic careers, yet most of us never receive training in this area. Public speaking seems to come naturally to some people. Whether they are presenting to undergrads, are the invited guest at a lecture series, or are presenting their material at a conference, they

February 9 2015

How to Recognize a Good Academic Conference

LocationJust as in real estate, where the conference is being held can carry more weight than the content being presented:Too exotic could be tough to get approved—Bora Bora, really?A location with too many local attractions could indicate weak content as organizers count on the distractions to make

May 5 2014

How Academic Publishers Use Video Marketing to Promote Research?

Does your university have a scholarly press for book publishing? If so, make sure they know about the importance of video marketing to create a buzz on their titles. Many university presses post videos on YouTube to promote academic books they publish in academic journals, including some of the bigg